So this happened during a Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer campaign.

vickie i bet ur hot

vickie i bet ur hot

I ignored him and continued to play (casually noting to myself that I seemed to be the only person who knew how to play). After a while, I got vote-kicked. I found out they’re all friends of one another.

The sad thing of all this? I was actually surprised I only experienced this after a hundred hours or so of playing the game online, because I know I’m not alone.

Really, Straight Male GamersTM, is that how you want gay men to treat you, too?

Ingredients: YouTube, cookingwithdog channel’s earlier videos, Transcribe AudioBETA (English), free time.

Friendly warning: Do not attempt while eating or drinking, or literal death may result.

Steps: Remove the best grabbed onto that daddy proud

Remove the best grabbed onto that daddy proud

It’s making me meet jeff on racism (read more…)

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Android kitchen

When I get the hang of it, I'll make you a ROM named Sandwich.


Here lie once-treasured hardware and tools: replaced by functioning or newer counterparts; immediately never forgotten. RIP, you lot.

Old Hardware and Phone

Old Hardware and Phone

Notable deaths:

  • Keyboard: Death from poisoning drowning. A cockroach crawled on it so I sprayed it. And by “sprayed it” I meant I emptied half a bottle of bug spray into it.
  • Earphones: Stomped to death. Clean one-hit kill.
  • PSU 1.0: Died when I shoved a screwdriver into it. Don’t ask. (This is not PSU 2.0, the one with the fan that died recently. I’m on 3.0 now.)
  • Motherboard (micro): Capacitor leaked, motherboard caught fire, panic ensued.
  • Floppy disc drive & non-smartphone: I’m too young to know what these are. *blinks*

Most of these were previously seen in the pictures of the 2006 entries Meet the Diablos and Shop-Ping!. Wow. I feel old.