After hours of screaming labour… or in layperson’s term, hours of screaming “what the fuck are you doing, stupid IE” (seriously), version 8 of Lean-Forward is finally born. Yay! :O

Contrary to popular belief, “Shillien” isn’t the name of the goddess of death (formerly the goddess of water) in Lineage II. Shilen is her name, and by my understanding, “shillien” is like an adjective, like “of Shilen” (e.g. Shillien Knight, Shillien Elder, etc). Dark elves (the lady on the layout) follow Shilen, hence the layout was named “Shillien”. Eh, it sounds pathetic when you try to explain it.

I do realise that the layout is a little wider than 800×600. I forgot I was designing in 1280×1024 instead of 1024×768 as before… So… comments, constructive criticism, re-reviews and/or error reports? *cough* Guestbook still has old layout. *cough*