For a while now I was convinced that I’d been seeing visions. They started off as innocent, weird dreams; but as the next day went along, these dreams were obviously more than just my imagination — they were signs.

When I had a dream about going to classes with old high school classmates from 6-7 years ago, an old friend whom I’ve known for many years, who also hasn’t been online since I added her on MSN, went online and messaged me the next day. When I dreamt about being tickled from the back by an invisible person while standing in front of a mirror, there was this tickle scene in a little flash game I played the next day, which looked oddly similar to the reflection I saw (not to mention of the thousands of flash games I’ve played, only about 5 had tickling in them). When I dreamt about a friend letting me use his very personal computer during a party held at my place and I downloaded porn on it by mistake, an online friend gave me his username / password of his game account to help him with stuff the next day, and… it’s a great shame relief that it wasn’t possible to download porn through the account.

… So when I dreamt about the landlady’s bunny creeping onto my bed and licked me on my neck last night, I was seriously expecting some interesting encounters or proposals today.

Oh well, maybe some of those visions were really just dreams, after all.