There’s such a thing called the Project Triangle in project management. Fast, good, cheap — pick any two.

Project Triangle: Fast, Good, Cheap - pick any two

In my computer and Internet life, there’s such a thing as Vickie’s Doomed Computer and Internet Life Triangle. Computer, Internet, time — lucky if you get any. Strongest theory of all, never failed even once.

Vickie's Doomed Computer and Internet Life Triangle: Computer, Internet, Time - lucky if you get any

I originally had a 3-month Summer break, which ended up being a 3-month contract as a temporary clerk. Fortunate or unfortunate; time, gone.

Time greyed out

I originally brought my awesomesauce hard disc drive, graphics card and RAM sticks over so I could use them on my Dad’s computer and stay awesome. Little did I guess that my Dad’s motherboard can’t handle any of those. Computer, gone.

Computer greyed out

We originally had cheap, high-quality, super-speedy, unmetred broadband connection that many people take for granted in Hong Kong. Mum got sick of wires all over the place so Dad bought a wireless router. Online gaming had since become disconnections after disconnections. Internet, gone.

Internet greyed out

Despite that, I still managed to achieve my short-term goal, planned for the holidays, in Guild Wars.

I Have Many Leather-Bound Books (20 maxed titles)

And ironically, got accepted as a staffer for the Computer Miscellany and Internet category of

Vickie - TFL Category Staff

Life sure is… interesting.