If you’re reading this, my dear and excellent friend, Vickie has finally done it. Yes, a new layout for Lean-Forward after 1.66 years; and yes, the site is now valid XHTML 1.0 strict; and yes, she stuck her face on the header image; but yes, she’s finally not stealing game images; and yes, the theme is also affectionately(?) named “Spike Trap”! And because I’ve known IE for another 1.66 years, this time there was little trouble getting the layout to look the way it’s intended on it! Woo!

I’m not entirely sure about the colours, though, especially with the <em> and the links; but I’ve been staring at the layout for hours and my eyes aren’t bleeding yet, so I guess it’s not too bad! The layout also has so much potential to be a fluid layout, but I shied away… I have yet to fix the smileys and favicon to match the new theme, too.

Pffft, sleep is for the weak!