If you’re the average Guild Wars gamer who’s English-speaking, white, male, straight, young, doesn’t have a disability and so on, the worst insults that get thrown at you are probably the N word, “fag” or “gay”, and you’d probably go, “Whatevs! I’m not even black / gay.” and move on with your day.

If you’re like the rest of us, particularly those of us who run around with a Chinese character name but are absolutely and obviously not a bot or gold farmer, it’s not uncommon to encounter personal attacks from racists, even in the supposed safety of our own PVE district (Asia – Traditional Chinese).

3 months ago, I had these two Warriors in the Traditional Chinese district of Leviathan Pits, that came doing the taunt, point, shoo and laugh emotes as soon as I mapped in. Bear in mind that players have the complete freedom and choice to travel between any districts of the same area — their intentions were clear.

Two Warriors taunting me - dialogue

Two Warriors taunting me - characters

The exchange they probably expected:

Racist #1 taunts you.
元氣娜奧美 (my Warrior’s name): excuse me
Racist #1 taunts you.
Racist #1 taunts you.

Racist #2: sorry i dont speak freaky deeky
Racist #1: HAHAHA
Racist #1: pwnd
元氣娜奧美: 阿 怎麼辦 我不太會說英文耶…

What happened in reality:

元氣娜奧美 (me): you mean english

What can I say? I’m a fast typist. You’d think that my “excuse me” would tip them off, too. Way to unintentionally pwn your own friend-in-crime.

As if failing like that wasn’t embarrassing enough, though, one of them then said:

Oh no they also speak Spanish! Or do they?

Which is horrible Spanish, according to a friend’s friend who speaks Spanish. Why am I not surprised that it translates so well into English in an online translator?

But that’s not all! When I asked them if they’re aware that they’re in the Traditional Chinese district, they added a bold declaration that would make Freud proud!


(Adrian Victoria is my friend who’s actually also American.)

And then I reported them. Sadly, a few days off Guild Wars during the weekdays likely had little effect on them.

Oh look, it’s not just English-speaking players who would “accidentally” land in the Traditional Chinese district and “accidentally” type out loud, either.

putin y a des ptit chinois

And they’re only the milder racists in PVE.

You have no idea what it’s like to PVP if you have a Chinese name.