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If you can’t beat stereotypes…

Indian classmate: They say it doesn’t matter who went to the Moon first, we Indians will be the first to set up shops there.
Arab classmate: And we’ll be the first to blow them up.

… I guess you can blow them up.

We totally lol’d.

I was pretty sure “What do you do during the weekends?” was what Examiner 1 asked. That’s one of the standard questions for that oral exam; pretty much free marks for grabs. I can’t say I was very well-prepared because I had a 1,000-word individual assignment plus a 12,000-word group assignment due the same day with 5 other classmates, in which only 3.5 of them were really active. But still. Weekends? I often play sports with my friends and practice the violin, among other things. Of course I’d study a lot if there’s an upcoming test. Then Examiner 1 would likely follow up and ask what sports I’m into. I would answer swimming and tennis. I prefer swimming because I don’t really like to sweat.

“What do you do during the weekends?”
“I often play video games alone.”

No, Vickie! Sports, friends, violin, study, swimming, tennis, sweat… remember?

“I, uh, often play video games…?”

Examiner 1 shot me an “are you for real” look.
Examiner 2 giggled.

Which is no biggie and just a language / preparation fail if I wasn’t telling the truth.

But I was. The actual things I do during all my weekends. Video games. Alone.


Lecturer: Remember, no sandals or thongs in practical classes. Everything must be covered up.
Vickie (only half paying attention, suddenly alert): But… how do you even know if somebody is wearing a thong?!
Girl next to Vickie: Erm, thong shoes, maybe?

Oh. Ohhhh!

I received an email titled Fwd: Photo of PCO labs from April today; and since I’m not exactly part of the Year 2 Medical Engineering any more (because the course was too tough for a lazy and stupid arse like me) and I haven’t been attending lectures and lab sessions (because I’ve been trying to transfer to another course), I was more than eager to see the photos and catch up with what’s been going on with my ex-fellow classmates.

I waited as the attachment was being downloaded. Had any classmates put on weight like I did (since all I did in the past six months was eating and shitting)? Had any girls have a new hair cut (since guys don’t change their hair style much)? Had any romance sparked in our their small year group (like I would notice it from the photos…)?

And I opened the file…

Expand to view the pictures

Photos of PCO Labs

Well, at least now I know what they’ve been learning…